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Blank Blank Under Blank Blank: Venezuela’s Fate

Venezuela’s #1 with regard to this category, and Saudi Arabia’s #2. The Bad ‘Ol U.S. of A stands at #12, one notch above Guatemala. The question is…what’s the category?

The Big V clocks in at what can only be considered surreal these days with a tally of 60.72 %, the so-called Jew Haters a distant 34.17 % on their singular-circumstance peninsula. BOUSA sneaks in at 20.13, a mere .23 points ahead of The Stringy G.

Have you figured it out yet? No? How ’bout a hint?


INTRODUCTION: What’s an article? This is an article. But it’s quite an advanced piece of work, something everyone from A(lbert)) to Z(inn) would do well to take in, for it represents something deeper than what’s been reported ad infinitum. More relevant than what dominates Alternativille. What does it say about you that you still cling to the Repetition of the Grand Teatons? Teat as in obsolete udder for suckers. Just received the email below, which was a follow-up to a previous inquiry. I’m posting it with my comments adjacent to the reader’s words…in BOLDFACED (SHOUTING) CAPS. Forgive the format, please. I’ve changed the reader’s name, and my responses are affected by the fact that I’m addressing more than one reader here. In the imaginary solidarity of my wildest dreams, Oxblood

Displeasure in Paris

Why aren’t writers concerned with the current crises in and around Paris at least making a passing note about *La Haine*? *Hate*, the celebrated ‘95 Cannes winner, is an excellent introductory film for those interested in some of the bases for the violence. And…it doesn’t simply repeat what’s already been documented or take any easy roads. It’s a relevant, beautiful work of art which invites one and all to make necessary connections. And *do* something.

It’s palatable for the general public, and the inner pulse of Paris is palpable throughout. Ditto respecting parallels elsewhere. Perhaps readers should review the thought-provoking interview with Jodie Foster and the film’s director Mathieu Kassovitz ( if they can’t catch the flick from the local video store. Ideally, the ‘96 dialogue should be tasted *following* a viewing.

Not Stopping Global Warming: Earth to America!

At the phoney peace conference held at Versailles, following WWI, William C. Bullitt resigned from the American delegation. Forthrightly, he declared that he was “going to lie on the sands of the Riviera and watch the world go to hell.”

In Las Vegas recently, U.S. comics and celebrities — claiming to be raising awareness of issues concerning the environment — put on a TV Special which, for all practical purposes, took the same stance as Bullitt’s bullshit. Without nearly as much of an *excuse*.