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2005 Unacknowledged Jews in Djibouti

Jews in Djibouti who can’t get beyond simplistic slogans and notions, who are stalled in the mud, filthy with the residue of toxic paradigms, have zero to learn from me. Ditto for other lefties in our Lalaland. Like contemporaries of Copernicus, they are confused about retrograde motion, and they insist upon a center of the universe…which does not exist. Little should revolve around them, but, alas, almost all “progressive” projects do.

As with 16th-century academics citing badly distorted Scripture to suit their purposes, they’re slated to give innovative minds cerebral hemmorhages. Let them, as Mel Brooks might say, remain world famous in Poland, shall we? Let’s have some fun and try to make a better world.

Iris Chang Banged: MAS and Mass Delusions

Iris Chang

Immediately after Iris Chang committed suicide (virtually around the corner from me), I submitted an obituary of sorts to…everyone. For what should be obvious reasons for anyone who knows anything about her/her work. I followed it up, shortly thereafter, with another piece as previously unknown details about her life and death emerged. The one site that had been posting my stuff regularly for quite some time was out of commission at the time of her death, and I was lucky to get a relatively minor blogger to put up my Chang-related work. In retrospect, it seems as if sites I had been submitting articles to routinely refused to post *anything* by me at the time…because of “differences” about left-leaning (and personal) issues. That, without posting anything by anyone about Iris, in total disrespect for her departure from this world. Screw the “Too Rad” rather than do the Right Thing by Iris…for the benefit for one and all.

Why Can’t We Have Some Real Sex?

“Alcoholism is a disease, but it’s the only one you can get yelled at for having. Goddamn it Otto, you are an alcoholic. Goddamn it Otto, you have Lupus…one of those two doesn’t sound right.” So said my favorite comedian…just before he succumbed to *his* (drug-addled) disease.

So, in that light, how does “Hey, you’ve got no compassion, Goddamn it, George!” sound?

Alternative Holiday Gifts: 3 Non-Blondes et. al.

Holiday gifts, holiday lifts. Personally, I think you couldn’t do better than to package my last few articles together, and roast some chestnuts with them. Short of that, I certainly hope that you’ll have the whole family take a break from opening presents a few days from now, and at least pour (eggnog nodding) over the last few photos Scott’s found time to post with my recent pieces.

Countess Condi cutting a rug with the Sundance Kid! D.H. Lawrence in a writing fit wit a fattened-up Frieda! Whadda home of a range. Live dangerously with my Tookie take (12/14). But if you must have cake and give gifts, perhaps you’ll want to consider what’s directly below.

Taking Off From Tookie: The Only Action Left

That “handful of women” who met in upstate New York that sweltering summer day in the 19th century had it right…for their time. They got the so-called Woman’s Movement going in the United Stink of the Americas. Ditto for the violent M’Fers coming off of the Odessa Steps in what used to be Russia. I could go on incessantly citing old paradigms for protest and change…that won’t work anymore. But I’d rather repeat –from yet another angle (I’ve been at this soooooooo long!)– what needs to be done YESTERDAY!

Laurentian Blue Passage Out

D.H. and Frieda

It is gorgeous to live and forget

And to feel quite new.

See the bird in the flowers?

He thinks the whole sky blue

Much less than his bit of blue egg.

In our nest’s

What’s true.


Rice Redford

Here I give the reader an opportunity to write an “article” with me.

How Many Things Are Wrong Here?

The damn Associated Press got the piece below online on Sunday, the 4th of December. There’s $100 in it for anyone who can come up (within a week) with as many separate *indiscretions*/problems attached to/inherent in the article as I did in ten minutes. My disclosure is available upon request, of course.

Help? Hints? Well, I came up with eleven while making a smoothie. And…one of my ditties centers on *a Mossad agent being The Highlighted Star*. I’d really enjoy receiving some word for one and all to digest for the holidays in the Comments section ’cause Fun & Games is all The (Bowel) Movement retains these days, its smart(ing) farts notwithstanding.

Passion of the Roma: A Gorge Raised by Four Georges and More

George Weber, my beloved mentor (the wild “Oscar” in my life), and author of the scholarly Chinese Bronzes of the Late Chou Period (1), once confided to me that –respecting sexual passion– nothing matched his lone experience with an Andalusian flamenco dancer. A woman? And on an intellectual plane, he passionately defended the Roma’s way of life as equal to anything Chinese civilization had to offer.

“…my subject here is politically threatening….”

Fundamental Fallacy: Open Letter to Counterpunched Readers

Once the so-called antiwar movement gets it straight that –all the scandals and facts notwithstanding– that there is no significant *movement* within the U.S. to end our Mideast (or other) wars, we’ll/they’ll have a chance to make something gell, accomplish something lasting. Maybe. It’s a hard concept for well-meaning activists to grasp, but arguably our greatest challenge, made infinitely more difficult by the incessant number of articles and books focusing on exposes, *grand* minutia and/or venting. Contrary to popular belief, the hordes of authors serving as Antiwar Humor Whores don’t help either.