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A full-page ad taken out in the January 25th San Francisco Bay Guardian announces…yet another rally –two upcoming, in fact!– designed to bring down Bush. For January 31st, the organizers ask citizens to “Bring the Noise and Drown Out Bush’s Lies.” For February 4th, they will apparently take their “demand” to the White House, chanting “Bush Lied. Bush Spied. Bush Step Down.”

They’ve gotten the imprimaturs of everyone from Asner to Zinn, including Harry and Harold (Belafonte and Pinter), Kozol, Lapham, Penn, the Ss (Sarandon, Serra, Sharpton, Sheehan, Sheen and Studs), the White Vs (Vidal and Vonnegut), the Black Ws (Alice Walker, Maxine Waters and Cornell West), among many others. And they’ve even managed to put Jane Fonda on the same stage as Michael Eric Dyson.

Do any of my readers have a clue as to what kind of energy and resources it takes to organize such events? Too much, I can tell you, unless the payoff is slated to be huge. Or the seeds sown unprecedented. Neither of which applies to the above.

Long-distance Call

I think that most socially-conscious people seem stupid to me –with regard to their own lives and politics– because they don't believe in a Higher Power, a Mystery. Or because they believe in a Higher Power that's too finely delineated-for my taste.

This is all true with regard to the general population too, mastery of select facts, talent with words and/or good intentions notwithstanding. This is a long-distance call.

Osama’s Test(es) & Blum Blooming and Our Chapter Eleven

Perhaps The Left didn’t make too much of a fuss over Osama’s endorsement of the worthy William Blum (pronounced “Bloom”) book because of the poor translation offered up by The New York Times. What The Laden really laid out was “You’ve just got to read Bill Blum’s Hot Tomato! I’ve read it eleven times!” (1A)

The good news is that Osama put the Blum book on the table in such a way that the general American public has a primer respecting/is able to determine what they’re doing wrong…within a palatable package. (1B) Providing much the same scenario that was intended when the Leno/Letterman Plan was proposed (2). The bad news is that The Left is slated to act as if that info needs to be expanded upon, continuing to write, lecture and meet…in lieu of implementing an effective plan with regard to the… more-than-enough abominations listed in Blum’s Chapter 27. But…we CAN DO SOMETHING. New.

Un(t)reasonable Smirch & (Brain) Seizure

Sam Harris, recipient of the 2005 PEN award for nonfiction and NY Times bestseller author of The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason spoke on November 16 in New York City. His lecture, presented by CFI-Metro New York and cosponsored by the New York Society for Ethical Culture, focused on Religion, Terror, and Self-Transcendence, and was the second in the highly-touted co-sponsors’ 2005 - 2006 Voices of Reason series.

Prestigioius stuff built on prestidigitation. The sleight of hand –not limited to Harris, of course– is out of hand, and must be addressed. And a dressing down of those whose brains have been seized is in order.

Brokeback Blowback, Part III

Krakatoa is west of Java in the Sunda Strait, but when Hollywooders made their cinematic catastrophe epic in Cinerama…they placed the historic 1883 volcanic explosion/tidal wave elsewhere, titling their film Krakatoa, East of Java.
Why? Because it sounded more exotic.

Traditional critical takes of Ang Lee’s new film are west of what’s needed, east of what needs to be wrested from the cowboys who have always run this country. Now boys can no longer be boys as they must grow up overnight, lest the best of them and/or in them dies. What our Home of the Deranged cries for is a human response to Ang’s angle, not exotic coffee klatch criticism southeast of Nowhere.

Téa Leoni & Sierra Leone: An EDUKATION

In the October, 2005 issue of *Real Simple* we find Di Modolo’s N.Y.C. Flagship Botique featuring Téa Leoni in a full-page ad…presenting her as an “Actress and UNICEF Ambassador.”

Then comes the elaboration, the celebration: “We admire and salute Téa Leoni’s dedication to UNICEF, a charity close to her and her family’s heart. As a mother, actress and humanitarian, Téa continues to inspire and motivate us all.”

What disgusting, smelly droppings.