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Scahill Scam Syndrome: Characters vs. Radicals

-The new lobbying reform bandwagon circling Washington is like those rubber bracelets made popular by Lance Armstrong — soon everybody made one with their own meaning and by the end none of them meant anything.— Jeremy Scahill, not drawing the obvious parallel –underscored in -Scahill Scam Syndrome— with the works of activists.

Forging Four Dragons: A Yellow Tint

Once upon a time, there were no rivers and lakes on earth, but only the Eastern Sea, in which lived four dragons: the Long Dragon, the Yellow Dragon, the Black Dragon and the Pearl Dragon.

Assimilation, Humiliation, Annihilation: As American As Chop Suey

-A thousand new cars hit Beijing's streets every day. By 2020 China will have 140 million private cars, more even than the United States.- - BBC report, touching upon just one reason why our demands for -assimilation- will lead to -annihilation–soon.

For every 100 U.S. citizens who know about our WWII Japanese Internment Camps on these shores, there's "maybe" one who knows something significant about our 19th century Chinese Exclusion Act. Too bad-for all of us. Oooo on you, maybe.

I'm not just regurgitating another scandalous episode in our sordid history here.

On Queues: The Chinese and USers

At the Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco, Iris Chang spoke to me in a dream.

With noisemakers blaring and dragons writhing serpentinely, she spoke of the memorization and mastery of Chinese classics which served as a safe outlet for the subjugated Han people of the Qing Dynasty. As harmless, hissing children’s smoke bombs rolled down the steep inclines of Chinatown, Iris whispered to me about the most talented, ambitious young men diverting their youthful energies into activities which would perpetuate the reign of the rulers from Manchuria. Permitted pursuits.

Holocaustic Contest

An Iranian newspaper, Hamshahri, is holding a Holocaust cartoon contest, to retaliate against the publication of images of the Prophet Muhammad which have served as a catalyst for mucho violence worldwide.

I don’t draw well, so I spoke to the Tehran publication’s Graphics Editor Farid Mortazavi about whether or not he’d accept a verbal contribution. He enthusiastically encouraged me to participate, and so below you’ll find my Top Ten.

Naked Comedy: Wild Ducks Fly Backward in D.C.

For a silly article this piece runs quite deep. Let's call a spade a Diamond when it shines, ok? (Pause)

Comedy is deemed -inferior to tragedy,- according to Tom (-Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas-) Robbins-because there's a social prevalence of narcissistic pathology.

Hamas Hat Trick: Skating on Thin Ice in the State of the Union Rink(y-dink)

Try googling “Palestinian Groups” or anything similar…like a “friend of mine” did recently…in an effort to purchase one of those neat green caps Hamas is sporting through the crowded corridors of Palestine, ebullient over the recent electoral victory, and you’ll come up flat as a hockey puck, I promise you. Be hit as hard.

Let’s tie this in to the State of the Union.