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Missing the Mark: The Point Not Apparent

Me and Stephen Crane. We both came from Newark, New Jersey. Jerry Lewis too.

Arrested in Unrest

I'm always criticizing Counterpunch, ZNet, and Amy's show (Democracy Now!). But sometimes –when you creatively blend them– you can make good use of the outlets.

Pray for Death

Whether or not you believe in this or that God, whether you believe in any god whatsoever-you must fall to your knees in prayer. And pray for the death of a number of people. Each and every day.

Cynthia’s Real Sin: You Call, Girl?

*Unsolicited Advice: If the reader is going to look at only one paragraph here, make it the next-to-last unit (above the final bio info), please.*

Preaching To The Choir Attire On Fire: Amazing Grace

The train I was riding in today at 7:15 am smashed into some poor soul long before it ever got close to San Francisco.

McKinney McLarkey And The Like

Or is the word *malarkey*?

The Gods Must Go

This is about getting up-off of your butt-and your worn-out knees.

Shiv’s Shove: Essential Violence Left

-Secrecy was-essential from the start for absolving subsequent generations of the obloquy heaped upon their ancestors, as well as of responsibility or knowledge of what their capital was doing on the ground. Increasingly sophisticated instruments distanced the possessors of Old Money, as aqueducts did their cities, from the consequences of its getting and perpetuation.-

Did the Unabomber Ting-A-Ling When I Was Out (of My Mind)?

-You must imagine for yourself what the condition of society is under these circumstances. It is nowhere; there is no society. Any appearance of social convenience that may be found is a mere temporary and temporizing expedient by which men cheat themselves to believe they are not savages.- — Frederick Law Olmsted on San Francisco