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Mike Davis to the Depp(th) Degrees Over Rising Redundant Seas

Inspired (+) by Mike Davis’ IN PRAISE OF BARBARIANS

Taking Over the State of California (TOSCA)

Even if we merely came close or beat the established “third parties”… the world could change for the better.

What a Rush!

Moving immediately on the connective tissue between issues.

Today Farrell, Tomorrow Obama: A Proposal for Nonviolent Action Across the Country

We’ve had more than enough of “preaching to the choir” …which acquires nothing… which produces no music whatsoever.

I Am No More Insane Than John Brown or The Women of Seneca Falls

Garbage patches cover 40 percent of all of the oceans, or 25 percent of the entire planet.

Before Meeting Mike Farrell, The Man

There is Man, and then there is Robotic Man, Man on Automatic.

On My Headstone….

Now I just have to pray that I die in time.

What’s the Difference?

Hypnosis with respect to the United States — its mythical image — is the problem.

Adrienne for Governor: Know Your Enemy?

Billie Joe Armstrong +

Smiling (with My Kind of Screaming Theatre)

Scream with your heart as your heart is breaking….