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We Are Bad For Our Health

On terminating the trance concerning American Exceptionalism.

Mooning the Lunacy

Under a rare ray of moonlight….

Poem for X and Don Quixote

Beautiful how earthshaking a falling leaf can be.

Lily and Jordan Meet “J” and Peter on the Moon

Shoot the Moon?


Twelve non-politicians serving the public together “as Governor” for the first time in history.

One Basis for TOSCA

This is what people are assassinated for — suggesting that institutional changes are necessary — but there is no alternative.


Institutional change is needed, regardless of how “dangerous” it is.

On Threshing Beauty About: A Larkin Leaf

From The Trees… the Tree of Philip Larkin….

Scatting California Today (SCAT): Who Said There Are No Guarantees?

Solidarity will come, if it ever comes, from your doing your personal gypsy best to scat out of the sick U.S. Momentum today.

Why Don’t They Teach This at Vassar or at UCSC?

The U.S. begs for institutional changes ASAP.