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Plagiarizing Howard Zinn et al.

Way beyond the gentility of the ballot box….


How can experienced, educated, principled, good-hearted people be such HORRIFIC DISAPPOINTMENTS?

The Why and How Respecting REVOLUTION ASAP

Legal and non-violent, but REVOLUTION nonetheless.

Engels’ Bells, Engels’ Bells, Engels All The Way….

And we should do that dance with bells on….

When Devinder Sharma Speaks

Let’s give him a megaphone, okay?

Dick Gregory and the Word of God

I was dying to give away the punch line while I was writing this.

On “No Deadline”

Inspired by a local surfer dude.

If Noam and Daniel Had a Baby….

We can melt down in love and still take action.

You Give This A Title And Add Your Name While You’re At It

We All Must Do More Than We’re Doing Right Now.

Super Rich Salvation: PLAN 98

The only chance we have. And it’s profitable!