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Documentation and Our Death

Pick up a bucket with me… yesterday.

To Emily Honig and Mark Anderson et al.

I trust that these people from UCSC will do me the courtesy of at least responding.

Talking Turkeys and the Wizard of Z

Using the Great Vegan Activist Mickey Z as a point of departure for collective URGENT ACTION.

Unprecedented Urgent Action Courtesy of TOSCA

Censored Story.

No Excuses: In Every Appearance, Every Article, Everywhere….

Imagine the unimaginable.


Some impressions of my evening at Kresge Town Hall, UCSC.


18,129 Mexican children deported last year on their own?

El Latino Negro Oscuro Partido Encantado (ELNOPE)

I’d be honored to discuss what BLACK means to me above and beyond the racial and anarchist elements… upon request.

Simon Sedillo and the Brown Berets of Watsonville

Call me ASAP.


Would you rather have Deukmejian or Dionysus?