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Door-to-Door With and Without Guillermo

Lots of love in laughter. “Diaz” is a very easy name to write-in, si?

Fracking Cancer and More….

What else do you have to do?

To Prevent the Elimination of Social Security

More punch for your pressure.

Poetic Dream of Health Care Professionals

To your most diaphanous dreams.


If voting could change anything it would be illegal. — Howard Zinn

Point of Departure

The solidarity is superficial as things stand. The solidarity only seems so.

The Pause Poem of Cause

Isn’t the magic of thousands of eggs appearing out of nowhere enough?

Virgin Hope

Why isn’t “First Sight” even considered one of Larkin’s great poems?

Enthusiasm, Intimacy and Obligation

We are obliged to do something in solidarity.

Unresting Castles

Go on and make a joyful sound.