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Life’s Longing for Itself!: I Say Tomato, You Say Potato

Ted Turner and his first cousins screw a lot of kids.

Police Gang Party University: Act I

Like I told someone at the mayor’s office a short while ago… what I have to offer cannot be made into a sound bite.

Top Ten from The Top of My Head for Salinas

Questions/ideas for Mayor Donohue of Salinas


I pray that the UFW people who I contact respecting this plea will not dismiss our efforts prematurely.

The Black and Brown Moonbow Party

Trusting the reader will see the glow in the Moonbow, the flow that’s possible.

Mario and My Dreams and the DMCA

But my money’s on Mario. I believe he’s gonna come through.

The Sexual Aspect of the Kimmel Campaign

Cousin Sal, Gary, Jake, Guillermo, Cleto et al. jump on this sex waxed up surfboard we’re going to be riding into Sacramento!

Gimme Jimmy!

I just can’t wait to take my first step at the Mandatory Monday Night Square Dance for Government Employees.

Kimmel Guv Syndrome

No joke midst the jokesters!

The Kind of Wild Dream I’m Into

I want to have some fun with you.