Archive for March, 2010

Like 5 Rapid to the Gut

Let’s see how many comedians it takes to screw in the light bulb of society’s imagination.

For Talent Agencies and Talent

I’ve created a unique opportunity for entertainers, especially comedians.

The Iconoclastic Party

USer society always forgives the criminal, it never forgives the dreamer.

The Best Quality Health Care for Everyone for “Free”

I’m talking about the quality and extent of your care being enormously increased, in historically unprecedented proportions.

All Kimmeling Aside for the Moment

Sing “All Alone by the Telephone” for me, will ‘ya?

Shangry Through the Back Door

The time has come, and we do not have to take to the hills with feeble gun in hand.


It’s like I’m giving you a beautiful megaphone, to be decorated as per your wishes.

Pacquiao Paradigm

What are your preferences?

The Lost Comedy Party Ticket TEST

A coalition of clowns?