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Annie Machon’s Priorities….

Blessings in the deepest solidarity imaginable.

Peter Dale Scott et al. vs. the Circles 3-9 Gang

Dante did us a favor.

Unsconscionable Scourge of Abominations (U.S.A.): Your Responsibility

Reading the Introduction to A Woman Among Warlords should suffice… in lieu of my blah blah. It’s by Malalai Joya (with Derrick O’Keefe)

What I Want for Xmas: Du Pont on a Platter

The scam that’s going on is hitting you from all sides.

Solution for Slow-Motion Apocalypse in Progress

“…we each are anonymous and no one is in charge or accountable for the consequences.”


“…not a revolution that proceeds at an arthritic snail’s pace.”

Encouraging Violence

Gagging is the goal.

Volcanic Spring

Note: This is an archived site. Only articles recommended to specific people in April or May by the author should be read.
Volcanic Spring
Richard Martin Oxman et al.

“Similar climatic effects can be caused by a comet or asteroid impact, also sometimes termed an impact winter, or of a super volcano eruption, known as a volcanic winter.” [...]

ME VS. AMY AND BILL AND JUAN ET AL.: Suggestions for Environmentally Concerned Citizens

I’m chomping at the bit to debate fans of Democracy Now! and Bill McKibben.

Awake and Sing!

Green Day could start off the whole shebang.