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Waiting for Griot II

I can’t wait to receive that dance music from Masamba and Paola.

“TOSCA” ASAP: Sound Bites

I respectfully request an opportunity to have a meeting ASAP… with leisurely Q&A… in-depth discussion… until some plan of action is embraced… whether or not it’s some form of TOSCA.

Lovely Leslie “Donegan” and God’s Treason

Take a sparrow, let it fly like eagle.

Teens Turning Red

Request for a rendezvous….

Laura Wells and the Greens in CACA Land

I’ve got to be pretty desperate to be reaching out to Greens… at this juncture.


Talk about rushing!

Our Black Backs and Our Crack at the Reigns of Power Without Reining Back Our Hunger

Wake me at any hour to confront the walking dead.

On Big Little Corners and Turning Corners

Note: This is an archived site. Each piece, each section was written for a particular purpose, a specific audience… for a given moment in time. Without proper context, an article, etc. can be puzzling, off-putting. Perhaps… only read what’s recommended directly to you. WHAT’S BELOW IS UNEDITED. Anyone reading this might want to glance at [...]

Grant Me a Meeting, Please

An appeal to Wanda Grant, Cephus Johnson et al.

Tracing the Arc of ARC: Facing Their Facing Race Conference

I look forward to be invited by ARC to an historic rendezvous.