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Stop Torturing Me!

In the U.S., Suffering Central.

Sofia’s Choice

If one roundtrip to Europe from North America entails energy use equal to a year’s worth of household gas and electricity climate impact… well, let’s be real for once, okay?

One Reason NOT to Relocate to Italy, Stay in the U.S. or Do Nothing Wherever You Are

The Ships of Poison Cover-Up… and more.

Bodhisattva in Blood Red Activity

I know what end-of-the-world scenarios from centuries past have generated; our counterpart today is a different animal, and it is felt as such.

God Head Full of Chickens

“It’s like a song I can hear playing right in my ear
That i can’t sing
I can’t help listening.”

Unreflected Me

After all, what can you really see in a mirror, or glean from popular opinion?