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First Draft of TEXT for Phoebe’s Dance

It will flame out like shining from shook foil, I’m sure, the dance.


Only space will be required.

The Catalunya Retreat for Readers and Writers

A Monastery of sorts, not a Writers Workshop.

On Rocinante

God bless Don Quijote.

Foundacio Universitaria Marti l’Huma Projects: Responses

It will be a supreme honor to make any contribution I make at no cost to FUMH.

Ten Articles for EU Citizens When They Are Not Performing My Plays

I am carrying a theatrical torch which can provide dramatic light for our times.

Ivan & Sonja’s 11th Hour Brick and Mortar Bookstore

IS will be a fun place to be.

The Monastery for Reading and Writing: Whoever Writes with Me Will Not Write in Darkness

You’ll never guess where this new paradigm for a monastery… for a writers’ workshop… for a readers’ retreat will be based.

Egyptian Protesters: What They Wanted, What They Got, The WHY of What Happened and Didn’t, and What Faces Them, Who They Are Not

There is a lot of misinformation out there courtesy of the BBC and its first cousins….

The Italian Antioxidant Experience

Beyond the boon of berries and barley….