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Broadway Rose

Neither Jerry Brown nor Meg Whitman would have had a chance against a ticket headed by Broadway Rose which was backed by the twelve supportive faces and blurbs I see… that could have been on a widely-distributed flyer in early 2010.

Rosemarie’s Qs

It matters very much how you answer whether or not you feel that you cannot do anything meaningful about the major problems in the world.

The Big Stain That Cannot Be Washed Out

I was going to title this tweaking of Chomsky, HITLER’S FIRST COUSINS TEDDY AND BEN: ON THE CITY ON A HILL.

Domestic Violence

There is serious violence which comes from the sin of omission among caring individuals.

The Ring on the Way

Meaningful enough to pick something up?

For Ann

None of the actions being taken by anti-nuclear groups or individuals in the U.S. at present will stop our horrid momentum. But… I have a paradigm for action which has a decent shot.


I will add to this film list now and then.

“We humbly await your assistance….”

Fukushima as a little corner.