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For the Friends of Antonia Darder

I have something I want to share in confidence with Antonia Darder’s colleagues.

The King’s Peach

I wake, rise each morn to … i am told what to write each morn in the dark

Cuomo and Company

If only there wasn’t a Jersey shore to escape to….


A telegraphic treatment of TOSCA

Chicken or Ostrich?

If you were forced to provide a definition, how would you describe Visceral Ecstatic Politics?

Sound Bite Bio

In the midst of my very heavy activism, I deeply honor the notion of art for art’s sake. In trying to upend the game board on which the powers that be are playing their horrific roles, I never forget that — ultimately — I am playing a game of sorts myself, that pure play is oh so important in the Heaven on earth of mine.

Litmus Test for TOSCA

It’s time to screen people before talking about new paradigms for change.