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ON VIOXX: Intentional Murder by Merck Made Likely, Dealt with Lightly

I highly recommend that the reader remind me to describe my contact with Fred Gardner.

Party of Persephone

“What is madness,” asked another poet, Theodore Roethke, “but nobility of soul at odds with circumstance?”

New Luddite U

At present there is no place on earth encouraging such a thrust among the next generation, or for anyone for that matter. New Luddite U would serve such a purpose. In fact, it would be all about the most needed service on the planet at present.


The thought that discussion in General Assemblies is the primary way to go (with the powers that be capable of taking in every word) is tantamount to believing that Hannibal would have done well to announce his trek across the Alps in advance to Roman forces.

Power looms….

Power lives where power looms lovely. In poetic solidarity. Not in prose, the rose unrising around me, within us all.

Everyone Is Invited to the Watsonville Party

O bailan todos o no baile nadie….

“…in a healthy place.”

Unprecedented, but possible.

La Jornada and Diego Riviera’s mural Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park

“…with some imaginative powers, some belief in their own creativity/potential, some respect for this Heaven on Earth… which begs for the best in us all to blossom.”