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I Wrote to Rudy….

Let’s see what you know about the powers of the Governor of California, his/her unilateral powers. Tell me what he/she can do without cooperation/compromise with gangster politicians.

On the Sunny Side of the Street

Won’t cost a dime. Could bring out the pitter pat in time.

Blessed Ballinger

I wrote this whole thing listening to Sultans of Swing. We are indeed in dire straits, and we surely need to get with The Walk of Life.

Not for CUHW Members: Dancing Education

CUHW people and Catfish Coffeehouse workers should review the previous two posts, not this one. This is geared more toward the souls inhabiting Napa Valley College.

TOSCA for Dummies

It’s a successful format… for some, but I don’t like it if it’s ‘the last word’.

Jobs for Clear Lake Residents: Dreams to Remember

Providing jobs and benefits for the immiserated does not preclude working on environmental and academic-centered challenges. In fact, they go hand in hand.

Untapped Napa Nerve

Dedicated to twelve students attending Napa Valley College who I haven’t met yet… and to Alice Walker and Jacqueline Domac.

Napa Valley Vision

This is by way of gently introducing the idea that we all have a social/environmental responsibility as citizens and artists to support work which aims at addressing the major issues of our day to some degree.

Bearing ‘Wests’

See me as Tir na nOg, please.

A Trillion Reasons I….

I beg all those readers who are victims of apathy, cynicism, ignorance, resignation and atomization to invite me to a rendezvous at the earliest possible convenience.