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Occupy the Tactics of Occupy!: A Slight Seeing Need

“The 30s looking back at me/As if he really knew” is a line that blew me away

Professor Rodolfo Acuna and A New Accent

Along a huge spectrum of concerns, ranging from the plight of people like Christian Gomez’s family to the broad food supply advances advocated by the likes of Willie Nelson & Co, I HAVE A SOLUTION.

Breakthrough or Broken Down?

Like Rodney Dangerfield might have said if he hadn’t simply been a quietist comedian, “Take my life, please.”

Bang the Gangs Quickly

From here on in I rag nobody? [Pause.] I don’t think so.

Coffee Comments on California Youth Outreach and Release

Once the history and purpose of schooling in the U.S.A. is understood clearly, there is a chance to proceed to a place where those learning/reviewing the facts of educational life here can seriously consider alternatives to the tracks that the powers-that-be are constantly pushing, options over the obsolete career paths which are painted as most desirable.

Getting With Those Decent Hispanic Butterflies

For a better life.

CYO and NVC Taking Over With….

What would constitute creating a watershed in history?

Reading the Need

Reading, what is it good for?

Triple T, Triple Threat: Teens Taking a Turn

“If you let all the gang members out of prison at once, and they tried their best to do the most possible damage to society for a full year, they couldn’t do a fraction of the damage that is inflicted on society weekly by white collar criminals and weak politicians.” — a home schooled preteen

Documenting Ourselves to Death

In one of his letters to the Partisan Review, Orwell gave his office address and home telephone number and issued an open invitation to any readers of the magazine to come and call upon him.