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What Will You Do About This Today?

There IS a deadline attached to this respectful request.

April Foos (Ball) Day

Save the last dance for me.

Dedicated to Wilde Qwatsinas

Let’s do The Above and Beyond Dance.

DOs and DON’Ts WILLs and WON’Ts

So that we all can dance with wild abdomen and abandon.


I am certainly open to changing gears, tweaking, and the like.

O Bailan Todos O No Baile Nadie: Intro to TOSCA

One is obliged to think of everything connected with the recent hunger strike of Christian Gomez.

For Three California high school students, Anai Rosales (18), Veronica Mandujano (18), and Kayla Ely (17) and More

There is a golden window of opportunity staring us all in the face. And it only demands that we not proceed at an arthritic snail’s pace.

Gli Innamorati di Arundhati

Time to consult another player, with little time to do so before the play ends.

Sailing in Decent Seas

School is — indecently — the cheapest police… and director of traffic.

Doughnut Move

The well-intentioned Move to Amend movement has a huge hole in it.