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THAT INSTITUTE: I Have Never Written So Quickly….

How on earth did they come up with two million dollars?

Zwischenzug, Anyone?

Tired of playing tennis with a net, the height of which is raised when it’s my turn to hit the ball.

The White Rose in Office

Taking Over California Legally, Nonviolently and ‘Immediately’ is Necessary

Second Sight

Before second sight must come first sight….

Governor Williams’ Flyer

99.9% of flyers don’t fly when it comes to serious issues.

Well, well, unwell….

I am not your typical volunteer.

Go, Jo Lo

Let the play begin.

Lo and Behold, What a Million Might Mean!

Very high on a Governor Lo.

At First At Last

Blessings to Kenneth Patchen and Gerard Manley Hopkins.

On Our Arthritic Snail’s Pace and/or Myopia

You and I face deadlines we’re not facing.