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Millay’s Miracle… Larkin’s Miraculous….

The face of God.

What’s What: With Whom & When and Where

Name droppings….

Murder of and Guardians of Sacred Angels

Bob Dylan said that angels play on their horns all day, but asked whether anyone listens. I have a question for Dylan.

On the Youth Law Center Mission Statement

Here’s to saving the world, using the set up at La Honda as a base.

Alexander Cockburn is Not Dead

You might want to check out Jeffrey St. Clair’s tribute at too.

Death Swiss Wish

Five recommendations for CLIMATE PARENTS

Driving Across the Pacific

Not even Patch Adams can….

(Better Than Steve) Jobs Available

We are obliged to tell students that we are in a post-biological world, and what that means.

The Jokes on Jesus

The joke’s not on Jesus. YOU are the joke if you’re not moving in solidarity on “a miraculous scale.”

White Rose Alphabet Scoop

Dedicated to the spirit of the guillotined Scholls and their martyred friends.