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The Ideal Non-Profit Effort

Introductory note: What’s below is an unedited first draft. Certain terms and concepts beg for elaboration; it will be an honor to provide additional details upon request. At present there is great work being done in what I call little corners, with virtually no meaningful movement in solidarity among non-profits. Such movement is urgently needed, [...]


Sooner rather than… too late.

Fighting Firestorm with Firestone & A Few

Firestone in lieu of firearms

Chess Meister & Mama Change

We need new rules.

Pastiche Without Pastis: Bob Bonding

Ask me about the title used here, okay?

“Let’s Keep in Touch.”

Keep in touch with whom?

NCCC Stream of Consciousness: Eleven Rivers Running Through My Mind

Rivers can change course in more than one sense.

The Bright Side?

On what our most prestigious publications do too often.

One Trick TONY

He moves like God’s Immaculate Machine….

Moving Waters Run Deep

I say we run with Mel for the Quiet, Moving Truth.