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Artists Party with THE ARTS PARTY

There aren’t too many situations in which youngsters can name their ticket these days.

Knock Knock Knockin’ on Hayden’s Door

Primarily for Troy Garity, Alex, Jeff, Sarah, David, Tom et alia.

Strange Fruit: Welling Up Elder Welders

Political blah blah should not trump simple, ordinary pleasures unless….

Dear David, Dear Me!

There is a dear new dawn where there lives the dearest freshness deep down things.

Madrid Millay McCovey Momentum

The American mantra of do your own thing invariably results in no movement in solidarity along the macroscopic lines which are necessary today.

The Underpaid and Unemployed Party of Good Sports

Petitions beg for a major supplement, almost always.

Diatribe Directed to Denizens of Detroit and Drexel

Diatribe in lieu of discussion for the moment.

Dearest David and Gerald: OPEN HEART LETTER for Surgery on Society

Heartfelt plea to the authors of LEAD WARS.

TOM-TOM Party with Tommy’s Take Over 12

You only miss out on King Curtis once.

Not Holding My Breath

You’ll breathe easier after digesting what I have to offer.