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Rash Nash at Random

As Head of the Regents of the University of California system, Graham Nash could UNILATERALLY AND VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT have the greatest positive impact on OUR HORRID NUCLEAR MOMENTUM in the history of the country.


For one on one… for the purpose of being done with obsolete forms of protest… and moving on in solidarity from new angles.

Asset for Physicians for Social Responsibility

“…the urgency spotlighted here is germane to a number of environmental and other issues, not just with regard to nuclear-related abominations.”

Only You: You’re a Different Story

I only need a very small core group.

Criminal Records

Yes, I’m nothing if not presumptuous.

Makary’s Trustworthiness

We need transparency in all sorts of realms and a new kind of citizen involvement.

Mountaintop Assignment Atlanta

The soul can split the sky in two.

BLACK PEOPLE in Magna Carta Crisis

I pray that the good people of Atlanta will not be prey to iconic predators.

Eating Georgia Peachy Keen

Pack up all your care and woe.

Mississippi Missing the Riverboat?

The good people of Mississippi need to secure significant reins of power.