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Tethering Together: Graham’s Glory Gal

Never at the end of my tether….

“How” to Pull Off the Electoral Schtick (for Attorney Eric), Part I

Eric would have been as rare as flawless chrysolite if he had engaged in leisurely discussion, allowing ample heartbeats for obligatory, in-depth Q&A… BUT he did not.

From Baldwin’s Steeple to Pulido’s People

All issues must be addressed with a new kind of acknowledgment of racism.

Decent Jobs for a Dozen Dissidents

Thousands of other jobs might materialize.

Helping the Public to Self-Educate and Act

What has never been done in any state.


Additional blahblah now added for Stephanie and Michael.

One Shtick Honkeys & The Hopeful Ofay

White on white(s) rhyming with black ‘n blue rights.

“If you have a better solution….”

Not just tourniquets… stopping the bleeding.

Justice Now Now

I am asking for what never happens.

Chandler & Chandler and The Mystery Train

Tell all the truth, but tell it slant… and without megaphones.