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Governor Coogler or Kin

With apologies to Gil Scott-Heron….

Not Dying In Deed

I have a plan for action to offer up for everyone’s kind consideration, which is worth living for.

Ruby Dee Via August

Before the curtains come down.

From Balzac to Ruby Dee: My Obligation

Toward a beautiful birthday present.

Haley Hope

Read the “Ruby Dee” pieces first.

Ruby Dee’s Assignment, Part II

The “plan for action” will be an excellent supplement for all of Connie’s work currently in gear; it should serve as an asset for the purposes of all the organizations she’s associated with today.

Immensity of the Surprising Sea

Aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery coupled with a racist, male chauvinist poet supreme+.

Bored with Game Board, Gored by No Gain

Toward replacing our game face….

Laboring in Little Corners: Activists and the Elevator… Me

Hopefully, an asset for Margaret’s purposes.

Our Selma?

Not presumptuous, necessary.